How to Use an Infrared Sauna?

Staying in an infrared sauna has become no less relevant than getting a tan in a solarium or visiting a salt room. Today, visiting a sauna is practically a tradition for many people. In the sauna go to relax, unwind, put in order and body and soul. In the classic version, heating is achieved by means of air, and in infrared models by means of IR radiation. This infrared sauna approach is the most effective in heating people's bodies. However, visiting such a sauna has its own rules and even contraindications. Let's see in more detail how to properly use the IR sauna.

how to use an infrared sauna

Tips for using infrared saunas

Modern technology permeates many areas of our lives, including devices produced for hygienic procedures. One of these technological innovations is a sauna that works on IR radiation. As a rule, it is made in the form of a small cabinet, in which the heating session is carried out. The technical feature of such equipment is the way in which the room is heated. The use of infrared radiation has its pros and cons. And we decided to tell you about the rules of visiting infrared saunas in more detail.

Turn on and wait 15-20 minutes. This time is enough to warm the infrared saunas. If you have installed a thermometer in the cabin, you should not pay attention to the temperature of the air in it, because remember that infrared saunas do not heat the air, but the objects in the steam room. If you don't think it 's hot enough inside, that's normal. After sitting for 15-20 minutes, you will start to heat up and sweat. 

Observe the duration of the sauna clearly, limit the session to no more than half an hour, and for a child 15 minutes. During this period, the body will warm up well enough and will not lose the therapeutic effect of infrared sauna. Increasing this time may cause a reverse effect instead of a positive one.

Procedures in the IR sauna should be regular to maximize the health effect. Three to four times a week is enough to improve health, relieve fatigue, and remove excess water from the body.

The infrared sauna is a source of intense internal heating. During the session, the body loses a lot of fluid and must be replenished. Ten to fifteen minutes before the start of the sauna, you should drink about a glass of water or juice, as well as fluids while in the sauna. It is recommended to drink plain water, without gas, not sugar. Sugar slows the body's absorption of water. 

During infrared saunas, it is better to focus on the evening hours, because after the sessions it is better to give the body a rest. However, many people are energized by the sauna, and such people may do well before the start of the work day.

Before starting the sauna, it is necessary to take a warm shower, cleanse the skin of impurities, and wipe yourself. The skin should be cleansed with cosmetics to avoid burns. It is not known how creams and cosmetics react when heated. Various creams and ointments designed to enhance the effects of the infrared sauna are applied at the end of the session.

The body position should be upright, sitting. The procedure should be conducted in a seated position. It is the best for even heating the body. If the bed allows, you can lie down to comfortably complete the recovery procedure. 

You should enter the sauna wearing a towel or underwear. The fabrics adjacent to the body should be cotton, as it is not known what reaction synthetic fabrics will have when heated. Cotton is safe for the body in this regard. 

During the infrared sauna, carefully wipe the sweat that protrudes from the body so that it does not prevent IR waves from effectively penetrating the tissue. Sweat secretions slow the penetration of IR radiation and reduce the effectiveness of the session.

Is an infrared sauna worth trying?

Infrared saunas are definitely worth a try. All infrared saunas are beneficial because they warm the body deeply with infrared rays. Numerous medical and scientific studies have proven the positive effects of infrared radiation on the human body. Heat rays warm the musculature, which increases the pulse and heart rate. Heart vessels are stimulated and their elasticity increases.

Of course, any therapeutic procedure, including IR sauna, can harm a person if used in excess. Infrared sauna affects the human body more intensely than other types of baths. But if you use infrared sauna according to the rules and avoid some contraindications, it will not harm the human body. At the same time, patients with certain diseases are also recommended to consult a doctor before using infrared sauna.

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Utilizing a blend of sonic vibrations across varying frequencies and far-infrared hyperthermia technology, the Sonic Vibration Sauna offers comprehensive, multi-frequency rehabilitation therapy for sports-related recovery to patients.
Utilizing a blend of sonic vibrations across varying frequencies and far-infrared hyperthermia technology, the Sonic Vibration Sauna offers comprehensive, multi-frequency rehabilitation therapy for sports-related recovery to patients.
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