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Air Sterilizer A6 1
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Air Sterilizer A6

It is an air sterilizer designed to kill virus, equipped with innovative ecological superion core technology and aims to decrease the impact of air pollution on the health of families, especially infants, children and adolescents in families.


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    Product Description

    Through the combination of sonic vibration at different frequencies and far-infrared hyperthermia, Sonic rhythm Physiotherapy box provides multi-frequent sporting rehabilitation to patients who cannot stand but can sit. 

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    Product Details

    Because of the outbreak of COVID-19, patients who have underlying disease are directly exposed to the death threat caused by the infection of the variant strain. Moreover, all kinds of variant viruses in the living environment are hard to prevent. Therefore, Dida Healthy is committed to researching a new kind of air purifier sterilizer that can kill virus. Here some advantages of this kind of Air Sterilizer A6.

    Air Purifier Sterilizer
    2021 COVID-19
    Air Sterilizer Machine For MERS Virus
    MERS Virus
    Coronavirus Air Sterilizer Price
    Air Purifier Sterilizer

    Because of the outbreak of COVID-19, patients who have underlying disease are directly exposed to the death threat caused by the infection of the variant strain. Moreover, all kinds of variant viruses in the living environment are hard to prevent, therefore, we are committed to researching a new kind of air sterilizer that can kill virus.Here some advantages of this kind of product.

    Innovative ecological superion core technology:

    By using moisture in the air, small droplets of water are formed in the generating part by simulating condensation and dew formation. High voltage is applied to it to make it ionize and reduce to water mist composed of nano-scale charged water particles, which eliminates the need to add water, replace consumables, be green and make hundreds of billions of ecological superions per second. 

    Air Sterilizer
    Portable Air Sterilizer

    Four-side air inlet Continuous purification:

    The equipment has four-side air inlet, which can use air circulation to purify the indoor air and output fresh air. 

    360° annular three-in-one composite filter screen:

    The air sterilizer equipment has special antiviral framework, H13 Grade HEPA filter material as well as High-quality modified activated carbon, which can efficiently remove formaldehyde, filter fine particles greater than 0.3 microns in diameter and filter out five harmful gases.

    Best Air Sterilizer Equipment
    Air Sterilizer A6
    Ag+Cu ion antibacterial framework
    The newly developed Ag+Cu antibacterial and antiviral technology, added with anti-coronavirus factor, is proved proved by third party detection that it has obvious removal effect on Coronavirus (COVID-19), SARS, avian influenza, H1N1 (respiratory influenza virus) and other viruses.
    Air Sterilizer Component
    H13 HEPA filter screen
    The equipment has H13 HEPA filter screen, which is made of high temperature meltblown fiber drawing of environmental protection PP material, which can removes fine particles larger than 0.3 microns in diameter (smoke particles generated by smoking are 0.5 microns in diameter). It is an internationally recognized filter material.
    Air Sterilizer Manufacturer
    Modified activated carbon
    The equipment can filter formaldehyde/VOCS and other gaseous pollutants to keep the air fresh, and continuously catalyze the decomposition of five harmful gases such as formaldehyde, ammonia, acetaldehyde, acetic acid and toluene.
    UV Air Sterilizer

    UVC-LED UV sterilization (optional):

    After purifying the outside air, 265+-5nm UVC LED ultraviolet sterilization technology is used to destroy the DNA and RNA molecular structure in the bacteria remaining in the air to achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection.

    Intelligent monitoring and accurate display:

    The high-sensitivity infrared sensor of the air sterilizer equipment can quickly sense harmful substances in the air and carry out multi-dimensional monitoring of different concentrations of environment, and it is equipped with PM2.5 monitor display and mobile APP for best performance.

    Portable Air Sterilizer
    Air Purifier Sterilizer Manufacturer

    Brushless DC motor brings high energy efficiency, low carbon and environmental protection:

    The equipment has low noise, low vibration and high insulation performance, and it has four gears of wind speed, combining hardness with softness.

    Light sound purification without disturbing sleep:

    According to test data sourced from Olansi laboratory, the sleep mode of the equipment is like baby's breathing and the noise is down 29.5dB (A) .

    Best Air Sterilizer
    Air Sterilizer A6 18
    Can be used in multiple scenes (applicable area 36-62㎡)
    Fashionable and high-energy, the equipment is specially designed for house-wide purification.
    Air Sterilizer A6 19
    Stylish minimalist appearance and all-matching fashion home
    The equipment has 360° wide air inlet, highlighting the specialty and power of the purifier.

    Product Composition

    UV Air Sterilizer Machine
    Multifunction Touch Panel
    UV Sterilization Machine
    Product Display Panel

    Product Features

    Fashionable And High-Energy
    Sterilization And Purification
    Air Sterilizer A6 24
    Low Noise
    Air Sterilizer A6 25
    Intelligent Monitoring
    Air Sterilizer A6 26
    Intimate Design
    Safe And Secure
    Air Sterilizer Products

    Proved Materials 

    ● Patent Technology

    Air Sterilizer A6 29

    ● Authoritative testing, Strong sterilization rate 

    Air Sterilizer A6 33

    ● Virus Test Report

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