Benefits of Vibrating Bed

What is better, prevention or treatment? The answer is obvious. The vibrating bed is a wonderful device, thanks to which many diseases bypass a person, and those that have already appeared are cured faster. The vibrating bed mainly affects the spine, the organ on which human health depends.

What is a vibrating bed?

A vibrating bed is a complex device that successfully replaces the hands of a professional. . It consists of a frame, a panel, a mechanical oscillation generator and a regulating device. Devices are installed in clinics, chiropractic salons, cosmetic offices. It can also be used at home. They affect muscles and joints, relieve pain and tension, improve blood flow, relax the muscles of the body lying down.

The device resembles an ordinary massage table, with additional features. The vibrating bed has footrests, headrests with a lift. Management is done by remote control. The bed is connected to the grid with standard voltage. The exact parameters are listed in the instructions.

Stationary and folding models are available. The former is suitable for clinics and salons, the latter is convenient to use at home. The vibrating bed may include infrared mats and other additional accessories that increase the effectiveness of the procedures. Modern rehabilitation equipment mechanically affects the body and restores its normal functioning. It combines several therapeutic techniques: reflexology, heating, infrared radiation therapy, and vibroacoustic therapy.

vibrating bed

Quick definition: whole-body vibration therapy

Despite the intensive rhythm of life, people's motor activity is replaced by hypodynamia, which leads to the development of various pathologies of neurological etiology. Many methods of physiotherapeutic treatment have been created in the last decades. They are successfully used in practice, have a beneficial effect on the body, improve the general condition of the person and their rapid recovery. One such method is the use of vibration therapy. The vibrating bed is just one of the medical rehabilitation devices developed on the basis of this therapy.

Vibrotherapy is the therapeutic use of mechanical vibrations of low frequency, which are transmitted by direct contact from the vibrator to the patient's body. Mechanical vibrations are transmitted to the patient's body and cause stimulation of the nervous system. The device is effective in the rehabilitation and prevention of diseases in patients with neurological manifestations of cervical, thoracic and lumbar osteochondrosis and osteoarthritis.

The benefits of vibrating bed

Vibrating beds are a good help in the care of patients suffering from musculoskeletal pathologies after injuries or strokes. They are created for patients who must be in a lying or semi-recumbent position for a long time. Special medical equipment can be used in hospitals or at home. Vibrating beds have the following advantages:

  • Because the body helps to rest effectively after a hard day's work, it quickly sinks into sleep. The impact on nerve endings, blood, and lymph vessels harmonizes the work of the whole body. They relieve fatigue, muscle tension, and reduce the frequency of chronic pain. 
  • Help recover from injuries: fractures, sprains, bruises. Improve osteochondrosis, arthrosis and other joint injuries. Helps relieve muscle tension, which is becoming wooden due to a long stay in uncomfortable positions. 
  •  Vibrating beds have toned the skin, is involved in the breakdown of fat and reduces the volume of fat deposits, can activate cerebral circulation, get rid of excess weight, strengthen muscles. And also help fight dull color, loose skin, cellulite.
  •  It can improve blood circulation, remove toxins and other harmful substances from the body, restore damaged tissues, eliminate anxiety, migraines, and normalize the function of the nervous system.

Contraindications to vibrating beds

Vibrating bed, like any other physical therapy method, has a number of limitations and contraindications. These include:

  • People who can't adapt to vibrotherapy.
  • Diseases and acute inflammation of the skin.
  • Trauma and acute diseases of the musculoskeletal system in the acute period.
  • Pregnancy, lactation.
  • Varicose veins, the presence of blood clots. Thrombobliterating diseases of limb vessels.
  • Oncological diseases.
  • Intolerance of the procedure.
  • Trophic ulcers, pressure sores in the treatment area.
  • Significant pain in the treatment area.
  • In a high temperature state.
  • General contraindications to physical therapy.

Although vibrating beds have many advantages, they are not suitable for everyone. Especially for people with medical conditions, you should consult your doctor before using it, and have your doctor evaluate whether you can use a vibrating bed. In addition, you should carefully read the safety precautions before use and use the vibrating bed according to the rules. If you feel any discomfort during use, stop using it immediately. If problems occur during use, be sure to contact the manufacturer.

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Utilizing a blend of sonic vibrations across varying frequencies and far-infrared hyperthermia technology, the Sonic Vibration Sauna offers comprehensive, multi-frequency rehabilitation therapy for sports-related recovery to patients.
Utilizing a blend of sonic vibrations across varying frequencies and far-infrared hyperthermia technology, the Sonic Vibration Sauna offers comprehensive, multi-frequency rehabilitation therapy for sports-related recovery to patients.
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