How to Choose a Massage Table?

The massage table is not only familiar with all the attributes of the massage room, but also a full-fledged medical tool, which largely depends on the quality of massage. When choosing such a tool to focus on many factors – its height, weight, size, mobility, ability to adjust and change position, materials used and so on. Choosing a massage table was easier. We have prepared an article for you with the main criteria that you should pay attention to when choosing. Choose a reliable and comfortable massage table.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Massage Table

For an effective massage, knowledge and skillful hands are not enough. Much depends on a properly selected massage table. Of course, you can use an ordinary table or couch for massage, but it is ideal to use a specialized massage table. In order for this table to be suitable for the master himself and his clients, you need to choose it correctly.

Types of massage tables

By and large, all massage tables are divided into two categories – stationary and folding . And each type has its own characteristics.

Stationary massage table, very stable, but completely unsuitable for transportation. They are usually purchased for installation in spas, clinics and beauty salons. Stationary massage tables are extremely comfortable, many of which can be transformed. Typically, these models are used not only as massage tables, but also as chairs for spa treatments and cosmetic manipulations. In addition, there is also a new vibroacoustic sound massage table, which can help in the treatment of certain diseases with the help of sound vibration.

The portable massage table is quickly folded and unfolded. It is very easy to transport, its weight is much less than in stationary models. Such a table will also be useful for those who prefer to use their own and often invite a specialist to the house. After the massage, the massage table can be folded and stored in a cupboard or closet, it will not clutter the room. Often, these tables have the ability to adjust the height of each support individually, allowing the massage table to be securely installed even on uneven surfaces.

Weight of the massage table

One of the most important facts to consider when choosing a massage table is weight. The most notable factor is the weight factor for the practitioner who works as a mobile therapist. In contrast, wooden tables, which are mostly used in sanatoriums and clinics, weigh more and require more strength to move around. Remember that the key word here is portable, and the last thing you need when moving the table from client to client is to realize that you don't feel tired after the first transport. In this case, a lightweight massage table model will prove useful to you. The total weight depends on the size of the table and the material from which it is made, so you need to choose wisely. 

how to choose a massage table

The width of the massage bed

As a rule, most of the most popular and ergonomic models have a width of 70 or 76 cm. You can find a smaller one, but only if you are not tall and it is uncomfortable to work with a standard-sized table. It is quite obvious that clients are still more comfortable lying on a wider surface, so if your height is above average, then before deciding to choose a wide massage table, you can do a preliminary test.

Length of the massage table

The length of the massage table is also important for your clients. If you choose the wrong length for your massage table, I think there will be a couple of inconveniences. The standard is 185 cm, but of course you can find more, about 195 cm, or conversely, shorter, about 180 cm, but really 185 cm is best. If the massage table has a hole in the face, the construction is lengthened by 20 cm.

Massage table height

Usually adjustable in the range of 60-80 cm. The wider the range, the better. There are several ways to change the height of the table. Portable massage tables are most often equipped with telescopic or screw-in legs. The height of stationary models changes with hydraulics, but the heavy weight and massiveness do not allow the use of a hydraulic mechanism in folding models of massage tables.


Usually the payload is calculated with a margin of several times, so that even the action of the maximum weight of the user and your own efforts do not exceed 1/3 of this value. If a client lies face down on his/her stomach for quite a long time, and then starts to turn around, then he/she is somewhat uncomfortable, the movements are sharp jerks. You've probably noticed this more than once when you lie down like this. And during such a quick turn, the person may shift his whole body weight to some small part, such as the elbow or knee, and this creates an excessive load on some part of the table. Obviously, it is advisable to turn smoothly, distributing all your weight evenly over the entire massage table top. 

Material of the massage bed

The frame of the massage table can be wood or aluminum. Wooden tables are heavier, so this material is more often used for stationary structures. But aluminum is widely used in the manufacture of folding models. For a massage table, it is best to fill it with a dense, resilient filler. Your best choice should be for a table that has high quality, dense foam. This will provide customers with sufficient support and comfort. Notably, the quality and thickness of the foam will determine how long your table will last. Of course, a massage table with better quality foam will last longer. 


Then comes your budget. You will definitely need a massage table that fits your budget and skill level. Basically, don't skimp on price and strive for the comfort and safety of your customers. It may seem like a good decision in the short term to save some money, but in the long term it can hit you and your business hard.

The life span of a massage table

Usually, table manufacturers give a 12-24 month warranty on their products. However, the actual life span of a massage table is measured in years, and even decades.

Choosing a massage table is not as easy as it seems at first glance. The variety of models is huge, and if you want to choose the perfect table without overpaying for features you do not need, it is worth spending time studying the proposals of different brands. Hopefully, in this article we have explained in detail how to buy a professional massage table. Remember that you will be working with all your clients and patients for a long time at this massage table. You need a table that is safe, comfortable, professional, light and comfortable for a long time.

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Utilizing a blend of sonic vibrations across varying frequencies and far-infrared hyperthermia technology, the Sonic Vibration Sauna offers comprehensive, multi-frequency rehabilitation therapy for sports-related recovery to patients.
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