Massage Table Weight Limit

A good and soothing massage is loved by all people. Massage tables have many benefits, leading to an increase in sales every year. However, it should be noted that an ordinary couch or sofa cannot replace a professional massage table. There is no special cutout for the client's face, which plays a crucial role in providing comfort during massage. We need to consider the strength and quality of the table, ensuring that it can withstand heavy loads and remain functional for several years. Pay attention to the carrying capacity of the massage table is essential, and proper use can extend its life. Therefore, it is essential to know the carrying capacity of the table.

What Is the Weight Limit of a Massage Table? 

For many massage therapists, it is important how much weight the massage table can support. Usually the tables are designed for a maximum load of 200 kg. If the weight of the client and masseur does not exceed 200 kg, then you should not worry, but if it exceeds this weight, you should take it into account when giving a massage or buying a massage table that can withstand a higher load.

Care should be taken when handling the massage table of care, as it is possible to break elements at a sharp jump on the massage table. During operation, the table may shake due to constant rocking motion. Therefore, when buying a massage table, it should be shaken in the longitudinal and transverse direction to determine how stable the table is during massage movements.

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What Are the Differences Between Working Weight and Static Weight?

When choosing a massage table, you must also consider two weight factors: the working weight and the static weight of the massage table itself.

Working weight

The two most important distinguishing features of any massage table are its strength and aesthetics. Its strength determines the maximum operating weight the massage table can support. The weight of the massage table is evenly distributed over its entire surface during the procedures. The standard working weight is 150-200 kg. This figure takes into account both the client's weight and the effort you put in during the massage. You should definitely take into account that the quick turns of the client's body and strong jerky movements put more stress on the base of the table through one point. The massage table should be stable, and the more stable it is, the better the massage will be.

There are also occasional occasions when a client with a lot of weight turns sharply and leans on the elbow or knee, which can also contribute to a greater load on a single point of the structure. So be careful to regulate the effort of your movements and tell the client to turn over calmly and smoothly. Believe me, by using such methods, you can prevent your massage table from breaking down. Again, the recommended working weight should be distributed over the entire surface of the table and not concentrated at one point.

Static weight

The static weight of a massage table takes into account the maximum load the table can support without too much strenuous effort. Each table is put through rigorous testing in the development phase to ensure that it is of sufficient strength. The difference between working weight and static weight must be understood. While it is reassuring to know the static weight of each massage table, and generally they can take up to 200kg, it is more important to think about the working weight when making your choice. That said, if the instructions list only one parameter, consider that the static load will be greater than the working load.

What Is the Stronger Material for a Massage Table?

Wooden massage tables usually have one or two height locks on each leg. As for the aluminum massage tables, they have retractable telescopic legs, which are very easy and quick to adjust at the touch of a single lock button. As a result, the process of adjusting one leg takes only a couple of seconds, and it will be fixed very securely.

Traditionally, wooden tables are preferred in terms of appearance. But in recent years, the design of aluminum tables has been upgraded and their stylish appearance has made them more attractive. Considering that aluminum massage tables have been on the market not too long ago, to replace heavy and unsightly metal tables, many therapists now choose aluminum because of the increased durability and reduced weight of the structure.

In the professional massage table segment, there is no difference in quality between aluminum and wooden tables. They are all made with very high quality materials and meet the most stringent standards. In this case, it is best to choose the table that best suits your practice and your preferences. For a professional massage table, it doesn't really matter what material it is made of. Although an aluminum frame will be stronger than a wooden frame, it is unlikely that you will ever reach the upper limit of dynamic weight loading on a wooden massage table, so there is no risk of frame damage in any case.

In terms of function, the Dida Healthy vibroacoustic sound massage table, through a combination of sound wave vibration and heat therapy, can not only provide individualized vibration therapy for long-term bedridden patients, but also serve as an effective massage bed for therapists.

What if the Table Doesn’t Specify a Weight?

Before using the massage table, please thoroughly use the instructions or precautions. Normally, the table will have a designated weight-bearing capacity. If the weight-bearing capacity is not indicated, please contact the manufacturer. Also, please bear in mind that if you have any medical conditions or contraindications, it is advisable to consult your doctor before using specialty products such as the vibroacoustic sound massage table.

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