Do Air Purifiers Get Rid of Smells?

When we find ourselves in a room with a musty smell, at an altitude with a thin atmosphere, or lose the ability to breathe properly because of an illness, we realize that without clean air and normal breathing we cannot live. Yes, an air purifier is useful for everyone at home. What does an air purifier help with? Removes smells from the air? The following content gives you the answer.

Can Air Purifiers Really Help With Bad Smells?

Yes, air purifiers do effectively remove odors. It cleans the air of harmful substances: animal hair dust, pollen from plants and other invisible particles to the eye, many of which are allergens. At the same time, an air purifier will help to neutralize unpleasant smells, remove extraneous odors, smoke and other irritating impurities. And even in rooms with working purifiers, the air is not only fresher and cleaner, but also healthier.

Healthy air that is not contaminated with foreign odors and harmful impurities, it seems everyone needs it. Absolutely sure an air purifier is needed in the apartment if you suffer from respiratory diseases, allergies, if you have young children, elderly relatives or family members with weakened immune systems. If you are bothered by foreign smells from neighbors or want to rid new homes of construction contamination or the smells of previous tenants, then the air purifier will definitely not be superfluous.

air purifiers get rid of smells

Which Air Purifier Is Best for Odor?

The home air purifier market has undergone many changes and began its decade-long history as an affordable solution for indoor air quality. But not all air purifiers clean the air safely. HEPA filters are now standard on almost all air purifiers on the market. While HEPA filters are great at removing particles from the air, they do NOT remove gases and odors from the air.

Unlike particles, the molecules that make up gases, odours, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are not solid and will penetrate even the densest HEPA filters. This is where activated carbon filters come to the rescue. Gas, chemical and VOC molecules are adsorbed in charcoal pores, meaning they chemically bind to a large surface area of charcoal. To achieve the goal of removing a specific smell from the air.

You can see that the air purifier with the best odor removal should have the following elements:

  • Have HEPA media for particle filtration.
  • Have activated carbon to filter gases and odors.
  • It is sealed. No leaks in the system due to the sealed filter and purifier housing.

How Do Air Purifiers Remove Odors?

An air purifier with a carbon filter can remove unpleasant smells from the air. It is also called a carbon filter for some reason, derived from English carbon. This filter is made of activated carbon, known for its ability to adsorb substances not only from the air, but also from liquids.

Activated carbon has a porous structure in which there are adsorption forces due to the intermolecular attraction in the carbon pores. These forces are similar to gravitational forces, but act at the molecular level to trap contaminant molecules. 

The carbon filter of the air purifier has a honeycomb structure, which allows a very large absorbent surface area for its size. This improves cleaning efficiency and makes the life span as long as possible. However, it is recommended to change this filter – on average, every six months.

Which Types of Odors Do Air Purifiers Help With?

If you want to eliminate unpleasant smells and really improve the air quality in your home, then you should consider purchasing a quality air purifier. An air purifier really improves the quality of the atmosphere, which contributes to the health of a person's air environment. Below are the types of odors that you can get rid of with an air purifier.

Tobacco Smoke

Unlike other types of odors, tobacco smoke is extremely pervasive and extremely difficult to get rid of once it has soaked into objects inside the room (furniture, curtains, carpet, etc.). 

The most effective way to remove tobacco smoke from the air is to use air purifiers that have an effective volumetric adsorption-catalytic filter. AK-filter actively captures harmful gas compounds in tobacco smoke. Harmful gases pass through a multistage filtration process in air purification equipment and eventually reach the adsorption-catalytic filter, which traps harmful compounds on its surface.

Smell from pets

No matter how you wash your pets, they will inevitably smell. Both they themselves and their feces smell. Pets' skin is constantly flaking and small scales fall off. All of this poses additional risks to human health, as well as creating unpleasant smells indoors.

The most effective air purifiers will capture skin, hair and feather fragments suspended in the air. To do this, they should be equipped with a HEPA filter capable of trapping the vast majority of PM2.5-sized particles. It is also essential that the air purifier be equipped with an adsorption-catalytic filter, which will actively absorb odors from the cat litter box and cages with birds and hamsters, etc. That is, in addition to removing mechanical impurities from the air, gas contaminants need to be captured with an adsorption-catalytic filter.

Food odors

Many types of food release unpleasant odors into the air during cooking, which are problematic to eliminate. In addition to placing a hood over the stove, an air purifier can be used to prevent pungent odors from spreading throughout the house. Cooking also introduces some harmful compounds into the air, which should be removed from the air environment for health reasons. 

Other types of smells

Various types of animal foods often end up in the trash, which deteriorates quite quickly and releases unpleasant compounds into the environment. If you have done repairs or bought new furniture, it can significantly improve the atmosphere inside the room for several months. The fact is that many building materials and furniture types contain significant amounts of formaldehyde and other harmful compounds.

Toxins usually evaporate several months after the renovation or installation of new furniture. Formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful compounds gradually evaporate from repaired surfaces and purchased furniture. For this period, it is advisable to actively use an air purifier, which, thanks to the absorption-catalytic filter, will actively absorb harmful substances from the atmosphere of the room. Also, be sure to look for a reliable air purifier manufacturer to purchase from, or you can contact us. Dida Healthy is one of the best choices among air purifier manufacturers in China.

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