Do Air Sterilizers Work?

Under the influence of the epidemic, air disinfection has become a daily necessity. Consumers are increasingly favoring home appliances with disinfection and sterilization functions. As the main appliance for air disinfection, air sterilizers have attracted widespread attention because of their ability to kill viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms in the living environment, and have become one of the essential products for households. People attach great importance to air disinfection machines as never before.

Before understanding whether air sterilizers are useful, it is necessary for everyone to understand the difference between air sterilizers and air purifiers.

An air purifier is a household or similar electrical appliance that has the ability to remove particulate matter, gaseous pollutants, microorganisms and other pollutants in the air. The air disinfection machine is a machine that sterilizes particles, gaseous substances, and microorganisms in the air through the principles of filtration, purification, and sterilization.

The function of Air Sterilizers

1. Remove particulate matter from the air

The air sterilizer can effectively remove dust, coal dust, smoke and other inhalable suspended particles in the air to prevent the human body from breathing these harmful dust particles.

2. Quickly remove chemical gases

The air sterilizers can effectively remove harmful gases released from volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, benzene, pesticides, aerosol hydrocarbons, paints, furniture, decoration, etc., to prevent allergies, coughs, pharyngitis and other symptoms caused by inhaling harmful gases. Symptoms of physical discomfort such as pneumonia.

3. Effectively eliminate odors

The air disinfection machine can effectively eliminate strange smells and air pollution from chemicals, animals, tobacco, oil fumes, cooking, decoration, and garbage. It can purify indoor gases 24 hours a day and ensure a healthy circulation of indoor air.

4. Remove microorganisms and contaminants

The air sterilizers can effectively absorb bacteria, viruses, mold, and mold in the air and on the surface of objects, while removing dead skin flakes, pollen and other sources of disease in the air, reducing the spread of diseases in the air and reducing the risk of infectious diseases.

5. Improve quality of life

Good indoor air quality helps improve the quality of life and work efficiency, and the air purifier sterilizer can create a fresh and comfortable environment.

Do Air Sterilizers Work? 1

Advantages of Air Sterilizer

1. The air disinfection machine can disinfect and purify the air where humans and machines coexist, and is a continuous air disinfection and purification product.

2. Full-angle air swing, reasonable air flow organization, rapid purification and disinfection without dead ends.

3. Reasonable air outlet speed and reasonable air supply distance enable rapid purification and disinfection without dead ends.

4. Reasonable sterilization factor strength, injection molded shell and internal metal liner, the machine is safe and reliable.

5. The composite filter is made of high-quality activated carbon powder adhered to fiber filter cotton using polymer materials, which can effectively remove benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful and toxic substances in the air.

6. The filter has a large dust holding capacity, small initial resistance, and a long time to reach the final resistance; the filter has a large ventilation cross-sectional area, and the filter cleaning and replacement time is long.

7. The air volume of the air purification and disinfection machine fan reaches more than ten times the volume of the disinfection room, and the wind pressure is reasonable, but at the same time, the fan noise is taken into account to achieve reasonable comprehensive optimization performance.

8. Air sterilizer has intelligent fully automatic operation, multiple operating modes to choose from, life time alarm, fault alarm and other functions.

Application fields of Air Sterilizer

Air disinfection machines are widely used in many fields, including but not limited to the following aspects:

1. Family environment

Using an air disinfector in the home can purify indoor air, reduce pollutants and harmful particles in the air, and provide a healthier living environment.

2. Medical institutions

Medical institutions such as hospitals and clinics need to maintain strict hygiene standards. Air sterilizers can effectively kill bacteria and viruses in the air and reduce the risk of cross-infection.

3. Commercial premises

Public places such as shopping malls, offices, and hotels tend to accumulate large amounts of bacteria and harmful particles. Using air disinfectors can improve indoor air quality and enhance the working and shopping environment.

4. Catering industry

In restaurants, food processing sites and other places where food safety and hygiene need to be ensured, air disinfection machines can eliminate odors and harmful microorganisms in the air and ensure the hygienic quality of food.

5. Educational institutions

Educational institutions such as schools and kindergartens need to provide a good learning environment. Air sterilizers can purify the air, reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses, and ensure the health of teachers and students.

In outdoor environments, people can wear masks for protection, while in indoor environments such as offices and bedrooms, in addition to regularly opening windows for ventilation, air purifier sterilizer products are reliable equipment for us to prevent disease invasion.

Dida Healthy air sterilizer is an air disinfection machine designed with the concept of killing viruses. It is equipped with innovative ecological super core technology and is designed to reduce the impact of air pollution on the health of families, especially babies, children and teenagers in the family.

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Application: Home Hospital Capactity: single persons Function: recuperate Material: cabin material: TPU Cabin size: 1700*910*1300mm Color: original color is white ,customized cloth cover is avaible Power:700W pressurized medium: air Outlet pressure:<400mbar@60L/min Maximum working pressure: 30Kpa Oxygen purity inside :26% Max airflow:130L/min Min airflow:60L/min
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