Do Air Purifiers Use a Lot of Electricity?

Air purifiers are a great way to improve indoor air quality. Maybe you are looking to buy one or have just bought one and want to know how much power it consumes. As with any home appliance, the main factors that determine how much power it consumes are power and running time. How much electricity does an air purifier use? How do we usually save electricity? This article will tell you the answer.

How much electricity does an air purifier use?

Air purifiers typically use between 8 and 130 watts and cost about $0.50 to $12.50 for one month of continuous operation. Energy-efficient air purifiers use less power, while older ones tend to have higher wattage.

Air exchange rate indicates how much passes through the filter in one hour. If the throughput is high, the air is cleaned better. The minimum is to pass air through the purifier three times in one hour. The power of an air purifier depends on capacity, but purifiers waste little energy. Even the most powerful device consumes no more than 180 watts, about the same as a small light bulb.

To calculate exactly how much power your air purifier uses, you need to know the following:

  • Power rating of the air purifier.
  • The average number of hours per day you use your air purifier.
  • The total number of days the air purifier was used during the billing period, usually one month.
  • How much electricity does it cost per kilowatt.

Generally speaking, the lower the wattage of an air purifier, the less electricity it uses, and the higher the wattage, the more electricity it uses. After reviewing the above four pieces of information, use the following calculation to determine the cost of your air purifier over the billing period: wattage divided by 1000, multiplied by the number of hours of use, multiplied by the number of days of use, multiplied by your electric bill.

If you use your air purifier for a different number of hours each day or only on certain days, you can ignore the hours and days in the above calculation and instead multiply the total number of hours of use for the month.

do air purifiers use a lot of electricity

Additional tips for reducing air purifier electricity cost

The power of an air purifier is the main criterion on which the whole result depends. The larger the area of the room, the higher the power should be selected. However, it should be remembered that a high power output will result in certain energy costs. The round-the-clock use of the appliance implies high energy costs. If this criterion is crucially important and the consumer is facing the issue of saving money, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with this parameter before buying.

Of course, to save energy consumption of the air purifier, you can also do the following:

  • Try to buy energy efficient air purifiers that are ENERGY STAR certified.
  • Set your air purifier fan to a slower setting. For example, our A6 air purifier sterilizer has four speeds that can be adjusted.
  • Change the air filter regularly so that the air purifier doesn't get overloaded. Failure to do so may not only purify the air but also waste electricity.
  • If it is not applicable or not to be used for a long time, turn off the air purifier and do not leave it in standby mode for a long time.
  • The location of the air cleaner can affect the unit's airflow and the operating costs of the air cleaner. Always place it in a central location where air flows from all directions.
  • When the air purifier is turned on, close doors and windows near the air purifier to reduce airborne contaminants and power.

In conclusion

In conclusion, air purifiers come in different types, sizes and shapes and have been used for different periods of time. Therefore, it is impossible to give the same exact power consumption for each air purifier. However, in general, the power of an air purifier will not be particularly high. It is recommended to be used at home for health purposes. Find the right balance between energy savings and acceptable quality and desired performance by purchasing an energy efficient air purifier.

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