TCM Loess Ball and Tomalin Ball Head Heating Pad 1
TCM Loess Ball and Tomalin Ball Head Heating Pad 2
TCM Loess Ball and Tomalin Ball Head Heating Pad 3
TCM Loess Ball and Tomalin Ball Head Heating Pad 4
TCM Loess Ball and Tomalin Ball Head Heating Pad 5
TCM Loess Ball and Tomalin Ball Head Heating Pad 6
TCM Loess Ball and Tomalin Ball Head Heating Pad 1
TCM Loess Ball and Tomalin Ball Head Heating Pad 2
TCM Loess Ball and Tomalin Ball Head Heating Pad 3
TCM Loess Ball and Tomalin Ball Head Heating Pad 4
TCM Loess Ball and Tomalin Ball Head Heating Pad 5
TCM Loess Ball and Tomalin Ball Head Heating Pad 6

TCM Loess Ball and Tomalin Ball Head Heating Pad

This is a head heating pad withloess ball and tomarine ball as filler, which is safe and environmental friendly. It is good for relieving headache and migraine, mental stress, dizziness, insomnia and dreaminess, wind-cold and damp feeling, memory loss, vascular sclerosis and nerve pain.


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    Product Specifications





    Loess ball, Tomalin ball



    Input Voltage

    DC 24V






    Product Efficacy

    Sufficient energy, fast heating, controllable temperature, light weight, 0 radiation, more environmentally friendly, three in one.

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    Product Features


    Double the energy of two balls in one

    The combination of Loess ball and tomalin ball can release richer and healthier microelements after heat, with stronger penetration, deeper dredging of head meridians, which can accelerate the body's metabolism, promote blood circulation, improve the body's immunity and self-healing power.

    3 minutes of rapid heating and high power design

    This head heating pad is configured with 150 watts of high-power power supply, 24 volts DC power supply, safe without electromagnetic radiation. Whether in the store conditioning, or home health, you can always enjoy the comfort and health brought by warm compresses to drain the cold.


    Intelligent temperature control, the ultimate temperature sensation

    The first dual mode of "warm" and "hot" can be switched at will with one key. The accuracy of temperature adjustment is 0.5 , which brings not only the change of value, but also more extreme temperature feeling, even more free choice and more comfortable enjoyment.

    Safe and zero radiation

    The use of 24 volts DC power supply, safe and no electromagnetic radiation global voltage, both at home and abroad can be used.

    Head, shoulder and neck integrated temperature protection


    This head heating pad is based onergonomics and Chinese medicine meridian theory, the original head, shoulders and neck one-piece structure. It makes it comfortable and convenient to wear, and the warming effect is more significant, and the use scenario is more extensive.


    Design and quality:

    --selected cotton embryo fabric, environmentally friendly vat dyeing.

    --use magnetic suction buckle, wear more firmly.

    --Added safety clasp, stable and not easy to loosen when using.

    --With drawstring, easy to adjust the tightness.

    --convex ergonomic design, simulating acupressure points.

    --Purely hand-cut and sewn.

    Applicable conditions:

    --Headache migraine, mental stress;

    --Dizziness, insomnia, dreaminess;

    --Rheumatism, coldness, memory loss;

    --Vascular sclerosis, nerve pain.

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    Plug the adapter tightly

    Select the mode and connect the power correctly

    Adjust the target temperature

    Wear the protective cap before health care

    To be touched with a sense of heat then put on the warm compress protective gear

    Adjust the tightness of the head haeting pad according to personal comfort

    Applicable Scenes


    Health care precautions:

    Warm compress protective gear after use, must drink more warm water, replenish a sufficient amount of water.

    Warm compress protective gear in use should avoid the wind blowing directly on the head and back, it is best not to open the air conditioning if indeed to open, the temperature of the air conditioning should be controlled at 28 more appropriate.

    Warm compressing protective gear after taking off, to dry sweat, wear a hat or wrap a towel in the head, and replace the sweat wet clothes to prevent cold.

    After the use of the warm compress protector, you can't wash your head and take a bath immediately, you have to wait for two hours after the body no longer sweats and the body temperature drops, then you can wash your head and take a bath.

    People with insensitive body feeling and mobility problems must be accompanied by family members before use.

    Safety precautions for use:

    --Use the power adapter supplied with this product only on 100-240V AC power.

    --Plug fully into the AC power outlet.

    --Use only the original power adapter, do not use other brands of power adapter.

    --Do not attempt to open or repair the mating power adapter yourself.

    --Disconnect the AC power cord from the AC power outlet before using or moving the product.

    --Do not touch the power adapter if your hands are wet.

    --Keep the AC power adapter ventilated to dissipate heat.

    --Place it out of the reach of minors.

    --Do not use conductive objects (such as wire, nails, pins and other metal products) to stab me with this product.

    --When not in use for a long time, please place in a dry place for storage.

    --Please unplug the power supply if an abnormal situation such as burnt smell occurs during use.

    --Do not over-twist, bend or twist the power cord. Otherwise the core may be exposed or broken.

    --Do not connect too many devices to the same AC power outlet Do not use an improper AC power outlet.

    Product Safety Precautions

    Cotton fabric is environmentally friendly and healthy

    Each product is made of pure cotton fabric, environmental protection vat dyeing and hand-cutting. Environmental protection, health, and no odor is our eternal pursuit.

    Safe and no radiation

    Adopt 24 volts DC power supply, global universal voltage. Safe without magnetic radiation.

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