How to Disinfect Massage Table?

Disinfecting your massage table regularly will help minimize the spread of germs from one person to another. Once you have decided on a massage table and maybe even managed to buy a massage table, it is important to know how to take care of your new purchase. Unless you use replacement sheets, you should disinfect the table after each client or patient. How do you disinfect your massage table to avoid spreading disease? This article will explain the best ways to sanitize to protect your health and the health of the person using it.

How to disinfect a massage table?

Disinfecting a massage table is a necessary procedure that promotes a healthy environment for everyone. This prevents the spread of infections and diseases. Disinfecting the massage table should be done after each massage session, which is one of the important procedures for safe massage.

However, not all disinfectants are equally effective. For this, you need to choose the best disinfectant that will kill all known viruses and bacteria. Don't be too lazy to read carefully the composition listed on the label! The specific method of disinfecting a massage table is as follows:

Wipe down the massage table

The easiest way is to use alcohol to sanitize the massage table. Wipe the cleaned table top with a paper towel and dry properly. A small amount of disinfectant or alcohol is applied to the massage table and wiped off with a cloth or rag. But do not forget that alcohol can leave streaks on the equipment and cause the material to dry out.

Soapy water

Another easy way to clean your massage table is to use soapy water. To do this, dilute a small amount of liquid soap in water and wipe the surface of the table with a damp cloth. If the table is heavily soiled, you can use dish detergent.


There are many specialty products on the market for cleaning massage tables. They provide deep cleaning, are safe for health and do not leave traces on the surface of the table. These products usually have a neutral pH and contain biodegradable components, which makes them environmentally friendly. These products can be applied by applying, leaving them on for a few minutes and then removing them.

Ultraviolet lamp

An ultraviolet lamp can be used to quickly disinfect a massage table by killing bacteria and viruses using ultraviolet light. However, this method is not effective for safe use without specialized equipment and is not guaranteed to be 100% effective.


Antiseptic is a good product for disinfecting a massage table. It effectively fights pathogenic microbes and neutralizes unpleasant odors. However, before using antiseptic, pay attention to its contraindications and dosage.

In addition, pay particular attention to disinfect headrests with facial openings so that microflora is not transferred from patient to patient.

how to disinfect massage table

How often do you need to clean your massage table?

How often should I disinfect my massage table? The answer depends on how many clients you serve per day. If the number of people using the table is low, it is sufficient to do it once a day before opening/closing the center. If there are many clients and they change quickly, then regular disinfection of the massage table after each patient is needed. Every client has the right to sit on a clean and fresh massage table. 

Warning. If you have certain types of massage tables, such as vibroacoustic sound massage table, make sure that all electrical components are unplugged and that the massage table is not plugged into an outlet before you begin the process of disinfecting the surface of the table.

Any massage table needs constant cleaning. Face cushions should always be in perfect condition as they are the ones that the delicate facial skin of the clients comes into contact with. Proper and regular disinfection of the massage table is the key to successful work and client well-being. Choose special products or use simple, affordable and safe cleaning methods.

You should get into the habit of checking all the fixtures and accessories of the massage table monthly, repairing them on time if necessary. Although unused, operations such as cleaning and checking fixtures are worth doing weekly.

Keep your massage table covered and properly stored

Massage tables, like all furniture and sports equipment, have a number of rules that must be followed when using them in order for the product to last and retain its full capacity for as long as possible.

Remember, regardless of whether you have a wooden or aluminum massage table, you should store and use it at a temperature of not less than 5 and not more than 40 degrees Celsius. At sub-zero temperatures, you can keep them for a very short time. High humidity is unacceptable, it can lead to corrosion of metal parts and moisture absorption by wooden parts, which will lead to external and structural damage, reducing functionality.

If you are not going to use the massage table for a long time, wash it, dry it, lower it to a minimum height, and cover it with an opaque film. Only proper storage of the massage bed and regular disinfection and cleaning can protect the massage table and provide users with better massage services.

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