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Rhythm technology
Sonic Vibration Energy
With Sonic Vibration Saunas, enjoy pure relaxation, improved circulation, detoxification, and personalized care for all needs. Boost your energy levels, reduce stress, enhance skin health, and achieve overall well-being. Join the revolution today!
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Vibroacoustic Therapy
The vertical rhythm of the whole body increases bone density by increasing bone regeneration without affecting the bone resorption mechanism.
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2 person infrared sauna
Combination of different frequency sound wave vibrations and far infrared thermal therapy
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DIDA Technology Founded in 2012

Sonic Vibration Sauna Supplier

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Technology Leading Health
We have developed various health equipment suitable for preventive medicine, rehabilitation medicine, home therapy, and health care, with the world's leading patented sound wave vibration technology as the core.
Acoustic vibration technology is transmitted vertically
Stimulating different muscles, nerve nuclei, and bones in the human body through vibration movements of different postures, angles, frequencies, and intensities
Intelligent operation, one click in place
Independent original design and development of intelligent technology for convenient use, precise positioning, time adjustment, intensity adjustment, temperature adjustment, and position adjustment
Far infrared
The basis of infrared therapeutic effect is the warming effect, which can relax muscles and activate collaterals, relieve pain, diminish inflammation, delay aging, and prevent urinary system diseases
Somatosensory music
● The product is embedded with a Bluetooth speaker, providing a 3D surround sound experience;
● It can be connected to mobile Bluetooth, and the frequency of music playback makes the mattress have a slight rhythmic massage;
● Quickly enter a state of full body relaxation, helping you release stress throughout the day.
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Dida Healthy - Physical Therapy Equipment Manufacturers
Let Sound Waves Shake the World
Guangzhou Dida Technology Co., Ltd. is a physical therapy equipment company dedicated to the research, development, and application of vibroacoustic therapy since 2012. Dida Healthy has a professional R&D team, an excellent production management team, and high-quality and stable industry partners.
Our mission
Let sonic rhythm technology better serve human health and a better life!
 Our goal
Intelligent, professional, sports, entertainment, and aging.
Our Mission
Let sonic rhythm technology better serve human health and a better life!
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Cooperative Institutions

Our footprint covers the whole country (the following are only some users)

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Patent Technology Display
Has 12 kinds of national invention patent application and 11 kinds of product application technology
01. A type of acoustic vibration motor, national invention application patent number: 201810841308.7
02. A type of acoustic vibrator, national invention application patent number: 201810843405. X
03. Acoustic Vibration Control System V10, Computer Software Copyright Certificate: 2018R342294
04. A new type of far infrared sound wave vibration hyperthermia box device, national invention application patent number: 20.1821043708.5
05. A new type of far-infrared acoustic vibration hyperthermia bed, national invention application patent number: 201821025919.6
06. A new type of acoustic vibration training walker, national invention application patent number: 201821021926.4
07. Magnetic Field Optimization Interpretation Technique Using Generator Finite Element Method (FEM) Inertia swing design and manufacturing technology for 08 sonic vibration actuator
09. Application Technology of Sound System Using Sonic Vibration Actor
10. Vertical Guidance and Cushion Spring Design Technology
11. Acceleration sensor and infrared sensor control technology
12. Control Circuit Design and MCU Program Design Techniques for Controlling Acoustic Vibration Sports Equipment
13. Design techniques for the converter circuit and program vibration for starting the sonic vibration actuator
14. Design Techniques for Vibration Sports Equipment Using Sonic Vibration Actor
15. Mechanical Interpretation Techniques for Vibration Sports Equipment Using ANSYS
16. Program Design Techniques for Exercise Prescriptions Based on the User's Biomechanical Characteristics
17. Trial Product Manufacturing and Equipment Performance Evaluation Techniques
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